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To the right you can find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Please read all points carefully as you need to accept our T&Cs prior to booking.

Thank you!



GARAGE 57 - Terms & Conditions
1. Definitions
  1.1 Garage 57 aka Company aka Premises = G57
  1.2 You aka Customers aka Clients = Clients
2. Company Basics

Garage 57
57 Park Drive
W3 8ND

  2.2 G57 provides rehearsal and recording facilities for musicians. Additional services offered include audio editing and production, visual media related recordings and
instrumental, vocal and software tuition. All services can be booked online.
3. Privacy Policy
  3.1 We will never share, give or sell personal details to any third party.
  3.2 In instances where part of the booked service involves an external tutor, creative person and/or member of staff we may put Clients in touch with such person directly to enable the planning and operation of such service. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy of aforesaid external persons.

Our booking engine is a third party software located on a server run by BookingBug Limited. Booking Bug have their own set of Terms & Conditions as well as their own Privacy Policy. Both can be displayed within the window of the booking procedure before confirming a booking.

4. Bookings

Prior to booking a service clients have read and understood the additional information given on each relevant page. They are aware of the details regarding room allocation, personnel and prices.

Hourly services are deemed completed and delivered in full for the exact duration of the booked time slot regardless of such time having been used in full.

Other services such a production and mastering are deemed completed and delivered in full upon providing the client with the final audio files. Clients are entitled to one reasonable amendment free of charge provided the additional work required will not exceed two hours. G57 allows seven days for such requests, after which new charges will apply.

  4.2 Clients have read and understood that some services depend on further information and details provided by Clients. These specialist services are marked in orange and red colour on the All Services page. Clients have been made aware that such services require detailed email correspondence and/or a personal discussion with G57. Only once a mutual agreement regarding time, services and price has been reached will G57 advise Clients to proceed with a booking. Such agreement will be deemed binding once both parties have consented in email and/or written form.

Clients select the chosen service and staff on the BOOK NOW page. They then proceed to select a suitable day and time slot. Clients must enter their personal details during their first ever booking, upon which they are being given the opportunity to generate a password. For any future bookings Clients can log in under Existing Members.

Clients can abandon the booking process as well as add additional time slots before the final confirmation. Specialist services as mentioned under 3.2 carry an additional warning text prior to confirmation.


Upon completion and payment in full Clients will receive a confirmation email detailing service, booking date, time and duration. Such emails also contain a cancellation link (also see 4. Cancellations by Clients).


Completed bookings allow the following:

a) access to premises
b) use of equipment outlined under Info > Facilities
c) working staff if part of the chosen service
d) completion of service as agreed under 3.2

Completed bookings never include the purchase of any physical goods.

G57 reserve the right to change equipment with a suitable like-for-like replacement. G57 cannot guarantee perfect tuning of the grand piano due to fluctuating atmospheric conditions.


Bookings involving any 3rd parties such as but not limited to

a) Tutor-side bookings involving external students
b) Student-side bookings involving external tutors
c) Client-side bookings involving external staff

are at the Clients' own risk. G57 cannot be held responsible for such 3rd parties not showing up or arriving late. All bookings and their respective payment are between G57 and Clients alone and will therefore have to be honoured in full.


The duration of each booked time slot is final and must include setting up as well as packing up. Clients are strongly advised to leave enough time towards the end of their booked period to pack their belongings and vacate the premises promptly.

  4.8 Should Clients wish to book additional time whilst they are on the premises already they may do so, provided there are no other bookings already in place. In this instance Clients must complete such additional bookings at the beginning of such
time period.

G57's premises and equipment are regularly checked for safety and operational integrity. However Clients agree to use G57's equipment and premises at their own risk. This includes own equipment and/or personal belongings brought onto the premises. Under no circumstances shall G57 be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any defect or failure of any equipment or facilities whether or not G57 had any prior knowledge.

  4.10. Complex bookings such as production services may require additional legal framework outlining credits, copyright and producer's fees.
5. Cancellations by Clients
  5.1 Clients can cancel all bookings up to 48 hours in advance - with the exception of services entitled 'Production', which carry a cancellation period of up to seven days. Such cancellations in good time will be refunded in full. Once a booking has been cancelled, the cancellation is not reversible.

Cancellations after this period will not be refunded. G57 also reserves the right to seek alternative clients for the previously cancelled duration.

  5.3 Clients who book and cancel services on a permanent basis may be barred from booking G57 in the future.
6. Cancellations by G57
  6.1 G57 reserves the right to cancel bookings. G57 reserves the right to bar Clients. G57 reserves the right to prosecute Clients.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Clients will be notified of such cancellations at the earliest opportunity. Clients will then be given the option to accept an alternative booking or being refunded in full.

Reasons for such cancellations may include but are not limited to equipment breakdown or theft, staff illness, erroneous double bookings and/or Acts of God.


Clients Misuse and Neglect

Clients who deliberately misuse or are negligent towards G57's equipment and premises may be liable for repair and/or replacement costs.


Clients Theft

Clients, who wilfully remove G57's equipment and/or staff's personal belongings will be barred for life and will be prosecuted.


Clients Threating Behaviour

Clients, who act in a threatening manner towards staff and/or other people on G57's premises will be barred for life and may be prosecuted.

  6.6 G57 reserves the right to search all vehicles and persons entering and leaving the premises.
7. Other
  7.1 Clients are to provide G57 with detailed information as to who is on the premises including all visitors.

It is the Clients' responsibility to familiarise themselves with the layout of the premises including all exits.

The fire exit door in the Live Room is not to be opened under any circumstances, unless there is a true emergency.

  7.3 G57 reserves the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
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